Valour Capital

Valour Capital

Valour Capital sources strong real estate assets with approved development proposals. Upon identifying an opportunity, we undertake an extensive due diligence review to determine project viability and to structure a strategic financing solution.

  • Property & project review and assessment
  • Developer review
  • Market analysis
  • Project costing & validation
  • Financial projections & profitability
  • Independent “as is” and “on complete” Appraisals
  • Legal review
  • Acquisition or partnership suitability
  • Finance model structuring
  • Project exit

Once the due diligence process has been completed and a real estate proposal has been approved, Valour Capital will work up a real estate development/ management plan known as a Mortgage Investment Offering (MIO). The MIO is a comprehensive investment package created specifically for our investor clients. This report, closely resembling a Prospectus, will cover the full outline of a project so that our investor clients can make an informed decision on their investment.

The Valour Capital team works diligently to provide secure investment placements for our investors with full transparency.

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